The Ultimate Scholarship Guide for Axie Infinity Video Game

Blockchain enthusiasts need something to inspire and excite them for the trading encounter. And the tech response to that was the invention of an NFT game that rewards players for playing an online video game. Now, the game raked in over $100 million in trading volume in just one month. Meanwhile, the related Ronin wallet on the gaming platform has been downloaded over 200,000 times in the app store. 

By implication, the Axie Infinity now has a ton of daily users. The game did justice to ensuring that records are shattered on all sides with very rapid and exponential growth. On the other hand, the interest in the game grew beyond expected. It led to the creation of an Axie Infinity Scholarships System. This system provides a rare opportunity for game players to earn from the Axie Infinity Game even without having the initial capital to start. 

Whereas the gaming experience through scholarships can teach them the ins and outs of the game. But before then, you first need to learn what the Axie Scholarship is all about. 

What is the Axie Infinity Scholarship about?

The Axie Infinity Scholarship became necessary last year, 2020, when the game’s user base grew exponentially. This growth brought about the cause of more demands for the axis than were currently available. At the same time, the prices of the available axies were sky-high for a new person to afford and start a team of its own. Whereas it is impossible to start the game without an axie. In fact, you will need a couple of three axies to start off.

As we continue to have many players seeking to play the game, some had no money to start. They could not afford a couple of hundred dollars to play the game before earning SLP tokens. This condition led to the creation of the Axie Infinity Scholarships, which serve as a lending program for those who are ready, willing, and able to play the game for profits. 

The scholarship program starts with many players who already had a lot of axies they could trade with. Over time, they may have earned it from the game or bred them to produce offspring. Either way, they create a new Axie Infinity account for their fame and transfer a team of axies into this account. Then, they ask someone else to play them on the latest version, and they share the proceeds. 

Advantages of Axie Infinity Scholarships

Some of the benefits of enrolling for any of the Axie Infinity Scholarships involve the following;

  1. New players who have no money to begin the investment can start playing the game based on the axies of other players in a new account. When these players earn SLPs through the latest version, they turn over part of the rewards to the game owner as a profit sharer. Usually, the share rate is about 60-40% or 70-30%, and then the new player can save up until he can afford his own set of axies
  2. Another benefit is that the total number of people that can now play the game has increased tremendously because the initial funding is no longer a barrier. Moreover, it results in more users altogether, which is one of the primary goals of the game developer. Then, as it produces or purchases more resources, it may still lead to an increased demand for new axies and SLP and AXS axes.
  3. Having scholarships for the game prevents the mass selling of axies by breeders on the Axie Infinity marketplace. Especially since they know that setting up a scholarship program can also serve as a secondary investment, they will prefer to sell off than close the game altogether. Now the axie owners know that they can use their excess axies to earn more SLP and even breed more of them. At the same time, they can maintain a decent price floor when they come to the marketplace. 
  4. Axie Infinity Scholarships are totally risk-free, and that is somewhat some people’s fear about trading SLPs and other rewards. In the scholarship, the player can access their accounts but not the wallet. So, the original owner of the report can decide at any time to remove the investment back into the wallet. On the other hand, the scholar cannot transfer to other wallets or steal the rewards. Visit to read about

How does the Scholarship Work?

You may begin to wonder how the Axie Infinity Scholarship work or how can anybody probably join? On the other hand, a breeder with abundant axies may wonder how to start one. Each of these concerns has an honest and straightforward answer. As a user, becoming a scholarship member requires checking out some of the Axie Infinity Discord platforms or the Axie Infinity Twitter Account for a start. 

The Discord contains a scholarship channel where you get to see people actively searching for scholarships or those posting scholarships. And if you are a breeder, you may simply copy any of their messages and use them as your own information. On the other hand, you can also find those who have scholarship offers. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to use your real name, private keys, address, or other personal details when posting a scholarship. However, some of the information that scholarships require include your level of experience playing the game. The reason, no doubt, is to measure the ability to earn SLPs when given scholarships and not squander the given chances. 

Another piece of information is the kind of device you want to play with. Is it an iOS, Android, or Desktop computer? Finally, you need to state how much SLP you can earn each day of playing, where the average is between 150 and 200 SLPs each day. 


There is still quite a lot to gain from blockchain technology in play-to-earn NFT games. But already, the ground is open for explorers and passionate game players in the new innovation. Moreover, the game is also crucial in the current trend of blending the gaming technology industry with the finance sector. Meanwhile, that opportunity implies that investors can think big and take advantage of the situation. 

The Story Behind the Sudden Surge of Axie Infinity

The Story Behind the Sudden Surge of Axie Infinity

It is no more news that Axie Infinity is dominating the gaming industry. Even if you are not a die-hard fan of online video games, you must have heard about Axie Infinity, either from a game-loving friend, neighbor or even stumble at it on the internet. 

Gone are the days when gamers only play video games for the glory. Nowadays, everybody is looking to engage in things that add value to their lives. The only reason you can see an older adult or young folks sit down with a game for up to 12 hours in a day is that something valuable is coming out of it.

Little wonder, gamers are now talking about Axie infinity. When the game was created a few years ago, nobody talked about Axie infinity. Fast forward to 2021; the hype is just everywhere. 

Truly, Axie Infinity allows players to earn in-game tokens that have potential monetary value while enjoying playing a video game. It also makes it easy for players to compete even with little experience. Due to Axie Infinity’s opportunities to players, gamers are becoming more interested in participating in the Axie community.

Presently, many young folks quit their formal jobs to play Axie Infinity. Based on the data gathered in recent days, Axie Infinity is topping the chart of videos games with the highest number of participants. Last month, Axie Infinity became the most valuable NFT collection globally. 

In reality, Axie Infinity is a game to play. However, an important fact to notice is that Axie infinity is not the only play-to-earn game that fetches money in the present market. There are a number of them with unique features and functions which are not leveling up on the scale of the competition. 

So, what makes the difference? 

Of course, it can be challenging to pinpoint the particular factor that influenced the sudden surge of Axie Infinity. From the look of things, not even the developers can give that verdict. In comparison, several other play-to-earn games allow people to earn a reasonable number of in-game tokens, which players can use to make trading in an open marketplace. Yet, Axie Infinity has more participants, more than ten of them altogether. That’s a crazy result!

Have Axie Infinity developers done something different to warrant the surge? I don’t think so. While we are not sure what Sky mavis did to blow the game to the world, let’s first examine how the surge started.

The beginning of the sudden surge 

Well, the only obvious thing to remember about the immediate dominance of Axie Infinity was its emerging acceptance during the pandemic.         

When the world became shut down as a result of the threats of Covid 19, people had no choice but to stay indoors. Every commercial place where people could make money was shut down. Unfortunately for some people, their employers couldn’t keep up with the payment of employees’ salaries since the company is not recording any profit. As a result, some were fired.

Others who remained on the payroll had the only option to accept pay-cut, which made the whole world drown in the pool of hunger.

During the pandemic, people started to improvise, looking to earn money while staying at home. At that juncture, the internet became people’s best friend. That means that people were checking what to do online to make money daily. 

Meanwhile, working to earn was not the only problem people faced during the global lockdown. At that period, people were getting bored of staying at home all day, thereby looking for something that could lighten up their spirit. 

Then, people started to consider Axie Infinity as a perfect way out. The reason is that the game allows players to earn money while catching indoor. In other words, Axie Infinity provides an opportunity for people to enjoy their stay at home catching fun, and also make money without stress. 

The subtle campaign started among the Filipinos. They were the first set of people to discover the dual opportunity Axie Infinity offers. Though the game has been existing since 2017, it became more popular in 2020. 

From the much acceptance among the Filipinos, the good news spread to the other parts of the world. As of now, Axie Infinity has recorded many participants from several countries around the globe. You can read about The move behind the creation of Axie Infinity by visiting

Does Axie Infinity have a future in the gaming industry?

Well, ai am convinced. Though I have not discussed with the developers in person, it’s evident that Sky Mavis plan Axie Infinity for long-term success. For instance, the game is structured in an open design, meaning that the developers are planning to bring in new incentives and functions to make the game more exciting in the future.

Sky Mavic once said in an interview that their dream is to bring more people into the Axie community, making it a nation of the real economy. Already, Axie Infinity is the largest community of individuals who understand Blockchain technology in the world. Yet, mini-games, advertising fees, non-transferable axies, and sponsorship are all in the making.

Also, some boards are now partnering with Axie infinity, which is a sign of long-term operation.  While the game is building some solid business partnerships, players are also interested in joining the community every day. 

Without a doubt, Axie Infinity will stay in the top rank of play-to-earn games for many years to come. The company also seems to be enjoying financial backup from veteran business moguls who understand the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrency.  Looking at the way the game is gaining momentum in the industry, Axie Infinity can become a laboratory of global basic income experiments. Though Axie players are yet to figure out how they will feature in the social experiment, the game promises players involvement in the future. Click here to read about the Global Map of Basic Income Experiments.


Axie Infinity is the new online play-to-earn game in which you can invest your money to earn more profits. Meanwhile, every business opportunity comes with its unique risks and limitations. So, you need to keep watching your back as you follow the trend. 

The move behind the creation of Axie Infinity

The move behind the creation of Axie Infinity

There are various write-ups about the history of Axie infinity. In fact, some have gone beyond the normal to look for a way to create an App that will look like Axie Infinity to distract people. They do this because they want to make a fake avenue to scam people and withdraw their tokens.  Several people complain about what scammers have done to them even though they tried all they could do to secure their accounts. 

However, do you know that all your cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn without your consent? Of course, yes. The world is not an easy place to stay when it comes to issues like that. I want to assure you that you will get all you need to know about Axie Infinity here, and you will share it with friends and family. Here, I will be digging deep into what you ought to know about the developer of this unique game. Not only that, but I will also share with you the challenges they faced before Axie Infinity became the world’s best video game today.

If you are not aware of before, I am telling you right now that since 2017, Axie Infinity has made its way to the game world, and it has remained on top of the list of all video games. This unique game is the only game that took it seriously to make it possible to exchange their cryptocurrency wallet for real cash. Since 2017, other video games have started imitating Axie Infinity.

Let me quickly chip in that you are missing a lot if you have not been playing this game. I also read something like this, and I thought it was just a blog looking for a way to generate traffic on social media platforms. Not until I took that bold step to see what Axie Infinity is all about. Today, what I have achieved in playing this game is beyond expression.  As a matter of fact, this game led me to the crypto world, and I have added a lot of substances to my income. Mind you, that’s, by the way. 

As I was saying, you will get the story about the creation of this game here. Dear reader, let me take you far.

The creation of Axie Infinity

This game was architected by Sky Mavis and Pokémon-inspired it. Axie Infinity was built as a fun and instructive way to make known to the world blockchain technology. Several of the original team associates met playing Cryptokitties, and it was their first time using blockchain for non-trading accomplishments. Axie Infinity varies from a usual game because it influences blockchain inducements to compensate players parsimoniously for their offerings to the ecosystem. This device, dubbed “Play-to-Earn,” has grown progressively popular in the Philippines, Argentina, and Venezuela. In some of the above-listed countries, the economic chances present in-game exceed those obtainable in the real world. 

Axie has functioned as the on-ramp into crypto for several users. As of July 2021, the Axie counts five hundred and sixty-eight thousand Discord Users and four hundred and fifty thousand Daily Average Users of the game itself. Axie Infinity gathers incomes compared to other DeFi Proprieties. Axie has made a respected internal economy, especially compared to other blockchain virtual worlds like Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Sandbox. In fact, because the hurdle to entry is high for players to start making money, a banking layer has taken form in Yield Guild. This “Non-Fungible Token bank” rents Axies to researchers who don’t have enough capital to start their Axie journey. 

Axie’s inventors acknowledged and set out to remedy a vital flaw in the Web2 gaming model: the worth made in games like Fortnite accumulated solely to the podium owners. Web2 in-game assets were purely rented from the platform, not owned by players or freely tradable. These assets could be easily wiped if an account were disqualified. This constrained the possible worth implanted in virtual worlds and disempowered users. Also, Axie hands the keys of the virtual world to the players, permitting them to adapt to the digital landscape and maintain complete control over their arithmetically infrequent assets. Visit to learn more about Web2 gaming modle.

The story above is how Axie Infinity came into the limelight and began to penetrate the world. The extraordinary move of this unique game started expanding from countries like India, Venezuela, and the Philippines. These three countries were the ones that at first started enjoying Axie Infinity. India recorded that close to seventy-five percent of gamers stick to playing Axie Infinity alone in 2019 up till today. This game, with its fun, helped many countries of the world during the time of COVID 19.  Countries like India enjoyed the fun, and they were rewarded bountifully. The good news is that this game we are talking about remains intact till today. It is still the best of all video games to explore, have fun and make some money. 

What are the challenges in the creation of Axie Infinity?

At first, the cryptocurrency stuff became something for the developer to think about. It wasn’t easy to look for a subtle way of doing business alongside having fun. Although it will require some investment, merging the crypto world and game was a big challenge during the inventing of this unique game. Also, Axie Infinity was not the first, and the only game one can play and be rewarded. Several games are already in the picture of giving out tips to players. So, the challenge in developing this game is how to look for a way to draw the attention of gamers to this awesome game. That is why the inventors took it so seriously to strategically ensure that the reward could be sold, traded, and exchanged. In today’s gaming world, Axie Infinity is what people are talking about here and there. Click here to read about The Story Behind the Sudden Surge of Axie Infinity.


The essence of this write-up is to enlighten people new to Axie’s world. They need to know some history about this awesome game. This game has been a blessing to many, and people are still coming to benefit from it.